Sunday, November 29, 2015

Black Sweater with Ankle Boots

This A Pea in the Pod sweater has become a staple in my pregnancy wardrobe. It is simple, but has a dressy flair with the sheer back. I have worn it numerous times, most recently with black Paige pregnancy jeans to Thanksgiving. The jeans I am wearing here are my beloved Gap maternity jeans. I love Gap's demi-panel. I learned from my 1st pregnancy that I can't stand full panels. They make my belly itch. I found these jeans in the third trimester of my 1st pregnancy and have never stopped wearing them.  

These boots are from Banana Republic. I recently was complemented on them by a woman who thought they might be Christian Louboutin. She was surprised to find that they were indeed Banana Republic. During my first pregnancy I shied away from heals fearing that I would fall from loss of balance. This time around, I cherish the times that I can dress up. They are comfy enough for me to still be wearing into my third trimester. Of course I haven't tried to wear them for a full day of working with my beloved 1st graders, but I will be wearing them a lot this season to date nights and holiday events. 

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