Monday, September 21, 2015

Country Club Baby Shower

Scott and I really enjoyed celebrating our friends Jenna and Dave at their baby shower. It was held at Los Altos Country Club over looking a lush, green golf course. The venue was beautiful. The food was delicious. The mom was glowing! 

I took the occasion as a time to get all dressed up. As a mom, I find myself climbing into comfy clothes the minute I get home. I took a chance I choose a black and white lacy dress with simple black heals. I like wearing form fitting clothes when I am pregnant because I don't have to worry about my stomach being tight and toned. The dress fit perfect, hugging my belly to show my 4 month bump off.  It was dressy, but also comfortable. Although, I still wanted to get out of it by the end of the night...heheh.
Since, Scott and I already have a baby boy, we went of the registry and bought items that we either knew they would need of enjoyed using with our son. Some family members had done the same for us. Filling a basket with items they used with their own children. It was the most memorable gift for Scott, and he wanted to do the same, so I created a basket filled with the items. Good thing Babies R'Us was having a sale. I even picked up some items for Baby K and the new little one. Gota love sales. 

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